Prior to joining The City University of Science and Information Technology as a Lecturer, in the architecture department. I have graduated from The National College of Arts (NCA). I have also practiced in an architecture firm in Islamabad. Later I moved to the United Kingdom to pursue my masters from The University of Sheffield, Which is one of the Russel Group Universities in the UK.  Where I successfully completed my degree with Upper class Honors.

My thesis in masters was supervised under Dr. Emma Cheatle (PHD from UCL, London). My thesis revolved around the understanding of architectural spaces through various maps during walk, feminism in architectural spaces and networking. Understanding various business patterns through the interviews, writings and vigorous Drawings. Where I practiced the understanding of spaces through critical spatial thinking.

I have worked on a live project for 8 weeks in the UK with clients and the University of Sheffield. Where I also represented the project twice on the BBC Sheffield radio. During the pandemic, I have been featured in the web series which connected with fresh architects/students and helped them understand dynamics of ever changing teaching-learning practice of Architecture in Pakistan during Covid.

My teaching practice at the university focuses on interactive learning through exercises and assignments. As I focus on various vigorous learning methods by practicing Interaction-communication learning approaches