Department of Education

Our Mission

To make future teachers with professional excellence in order to give every child the best possible education to start in life successfully, to become a useful member of the society and of the world. To develop qualities of self-realization and self-determination.


The department aims at preparing effective classrooms teachers for primary and secondary grades who:
1. To have mastery over content.
2. Can use modern instructional strategies to the needs of the learner.
3. Make optimum use of technology in instruction.
4. Perform all tasks related to effective instruction.
5. To develop the integrate educational theory into best pedagogical practices.
6. To produce the leaders in the education system.
7. To provide the associate degrees as well in the education department.
8. To encourage the research and publications in the accredited publication.
9. To provide an environment this will help all faculty and staff to achieve their professional goals

Brig (R) Dr. Muhammad Younes

To make the education department as a flag bearer in a pedagogy to achieving excellence in teachers trainings for quality education alien with new imaging trends of teachers learning process and to produce dynamics teachers to meet the challenges of modern education system. Department produced leaders in the education sector which are trained or fulfill the requirement of the modern schooling system.
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Programs Offered in
Education Department

Ph.D. Education

B.Ed Secondary

B.Ed Eliminatory

Associate Degree in Education

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