Message From Vice Chancellor

To begin my maiden address with the sacred name of Almighty Allah who has created everything in this universe in words of Quran with great truth (HAQ ) and made obligatory for human beings to recognize it with his experiential self that carries divine sparks of Absolute knowledge and find expression in words which sons and daughters of Adam alone have capacities to pronounce and conceptualize. Human civilization owes its existence to vision and labor of creative class of society which modern society identifies with names of scientists, philosophers, technologists, poets, writers, management experts and other social scientists who inflamed movement of knowledge within the dark world of ignorance. That is the core principle of nation building in which City University of Science and Information Technology (CUSIT) believes in and endeavors to advance it through various intellectual and academic disciplines. I welcome you to City University of Science and Information Technology (CUSIT) Peshawar and appreciate your selection for a better and brighter future with us. Our courses both in pure sciences and applied disciplines of engineering, information technology and other disciplines of social sciences are designed to meet the needs of modern society into which our nation is trying to evolve. These challenges are quite monumental and require very high-quality knowledge of various intellectual disciplines which could stand the test of market forces that are competing within global domain of business, industrial and commercial ventures for their dominance. Pakistan has missed a lot of opportunities, which now as we, the academicians are honor bound to correct these imbalances through the innovative approaches of social transformation and CUSIT hereby proclaims loudly that it shall take every possible measure to bridge up the gap that leave us behind in our academic and research pursuits.
The global spirit of exchange of knowledge and information and experiences have gained a new currency in every center of excellence and our university has fully applied this norm to turn this university into leading center of learning.
That is how we can achieve our ambitious dreams of prosperity and strength and national respect.
Our principles of curriculum are as followed.
1) The curriculum is designed to impart latest knowledge of discipline that enable students to compete in global market with their skills with innovative approaches.
2) Comparative model of studies are fully adopted to create an independent vision among young students.
3) All measures have been taken to promote communication skills among students through linguistic and interpersonal skills so that they should be able to win their professional status with effective and self-directive narrative style. Such narrative style helps greatly in team building.
4) Research and Development carries special priority and all students who are committed with research assignments are treated with special privileges. Their privacy and financial needs and facilitation support are specially looked after as part of policy. Research and Development activities have gained wide spread recognition as a result of which HEC has extended status of "Y" to our research journal. It regularly brings out high quality research-based articles that has contributed innovatively towards the development of new approaches in applied systems. The Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) has been collaborating with industry and international partners for quality research and its commercialization. In 2017, the faculty of CUSIT published more than 100 research papers in HEC approved journals. ORIC is closely working with UTM Malaysia, NTD University Vietnam, Sichuan University China and East Carolina University USA, for Commercialization of its research. In this context City University has established City University Business Incubation Centre (CUBIC) and 6 incubators in the areas of software development, engineering and management are being developed. The first incubator "City Soft" has been launched at Islamabad. The project of City University Software Engineering students was selected for showcasing was one of 17 projects selected by HEC countrywide.
CUSIT is collaborating with national International partners in the areas of joint research and faculty development. The City University Consultancy Services and Research (CU-CSR) Islamabad is working for internationalization of the University. During 2014-2017, CUSIT has arranged 6 International conferences in Pakistan, Greece, KL Malaysia, Dubai UAE and Bahrain in collaboration with ECU USA, FIU USA, Auburn University USA and UTM Malaysia. Recently CUSIT has organized research conference in October 2018.
5) Our whole curricula is based upon fulfilling practical needs and this objective is met by having close relationship with industrial sector of our country.
6) CUSIT has set up Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) which has taken special and well-guarded measures that quality of output of young scholars is not compromised. HEC has given special recognition to this effort. the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) has been working hard in line with the guidelines, of Quality Assurance Division of HEC. QEC of the University has been placed in the highest quality category "W" by securing 95% scores in 2017. The Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) of CUSIT by HEC remained as per their standards and the Peers of the review committee appreciated the hard work of the University. Our efforts have always been to extend with our outreaching efforts to build up movement of knowledge within our small cosmos of campus that enable our students to become proud partners in cherished mission of nation building. All faculty members are highly committed with their assignment and devoted all time for personality building of our students. Our students are our future hopes. With their career is associated the destiny of nation which Insha Allah shall be built with full devoted efforts to turn our country as exemplary society of techno-science culture that contributes innovatively with new names of global identities. May Allah bless us with true success in our noble mission. AMEEN.

Dr. Kashif Ur Rehman


Vice Chancellor