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HrSe Store (Data Grabber)

In this modern era, information technology (IT) is playing a vital role to solve different problems more efficiently. Every human being is in rush and cannot find time to find (software) solutions and ease his life. Smartphones help those to achieve an optimal goal using apps. The term data grabber for this application means capturing of data from different websites. The trend of shopping is changing and every product is available on the internet. The product sites are increasing day by day. That poses some challenges like time management, closing one site and going to confusion in the discount rates and shipping time. To resolve some of these issues, an android app by the name of “HrSe Store” has been developed. Main functionality of the application is to provide ease to its users in terms of searching through different products offered by different websites. It is proven by the fact that a user can search the products by different categories, for example; a user may search the products or items on the basis of price range, a custom search, single site search, or by latest products. Moreover, the application also helps its user in comparing the price ranges of products from different websites with the selected one. Hence the aforementioned categorical search makes the app way different than most of the applications available in the market.