Recent Work

Numerical investigation of an unsteady Nanofluid flow with magnetic and suction effects to the moving upper plate

The recent work provides the investigation of an unsteady viscous nano fluid flow over a porous stretching sheet under the effect of variable magnetic field and suction/injection. Navier Stokes equation are modeled to study the hydrothermal properties of four different nano particles Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag) Aluminum oxide (Al_{2}O_{3}) and Titanium oxide (TiO_{2}). The resultant nonlinear partial differential equation, governing the viscous fluid flow, are solved numerically by using Crank Nicolson scheme. The effect of Physical important parameters such as volume friction, magnetic strength, porosity parameter are shown both graphically and in tabular form. It is found that due to the greatest thermal diffisivity for nano fluid Ag, comparatively the velocity increases more rapidly with the increasing value of volume friction. Due to this effect it is preferred to use nano fluid Ag for transportation purposes.