Recent Work

Learning Signs of Traffic through Augmented Reality (LSTAR) An Android Application

Augmented reality (AR) can be understood as a form of virtual reality where the real world is expanded or enhanced in some way through the use of virtual elements. AR involves a scenario where virtual objects are overlaid and tracked atop real, physical objects to create the illusion that they're in the same space. Traffic sign's applications, as the name indicates, are applications that give information about traffic signs and how to learn meaning of those signs. There are different traffic signs applications that are available in Google Play Store. Most of them provide some textual information about traffic signs, which is not that helpful for the user for getting all the required information. LSTAR is an augmented reality based android application that will facilitate the user in learning traffic signs in an interactive way. The application will use augmented reality for the learning purpose of traffic signs. When the user scans the flashcards (images of traffic signs) through mobile camera then according to the detected flashcard by the camera, the application will show 3D modeled animation over the flashcard in real time.