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Introduction from the Head of Department

It is my pleasure to present our department’s annual report which highlights and documents many of the wonderful events and accomplishments of our faculty and students. The Department of English CUSIT offers a variety of programs in the area of education to both undergraduate and graduate degrees

The vision of the department is to provide state of the art education that enables the new generation to meet the challenges of the future by reading professional writers, and their own creative and critical production and presentation.

To ensure the graduation of competent, dynamic and reactive individuals in the study of English literature and Linguistics.

• Educate students in both the artistry and utility of the English language through the study of literature and other contemporary forms of culture.
• Provide students with the critical faculties necessary an in academic environment, on the job, and in an increasingly complex, interdependent world
• Graduate students who are capable of performing research analysis and criticism of literary and cultural texts from different historical period and genre
• Assist students in the development of intellectual flexibility, creativity, and cultural literacy so that they may engage in life-long learning.




Greetings, from the Head, Department of English! City University Peshawar(CUSIT) English Department welcomes you to visit our website. We offer both undergraduate in English and Graduate/Post Graduate /MA in English Literature and Linguistics. The Department of English at CUSIT is unique that its undergraduate programme brings together different but related areas of study: Literature and Linguistics. MA in English has two major streams, MA in Linguistics and MA in Literature. We strongly believe after a four and two year journey with English Department CUSIT, a graduate will be a better suit anywhere in his field. Our motto of the department is "Learn English, Earn Success".

Programs Offered

English Department offers following Programs

B.S English

4 Years


M.A English

2 Years



2 Years



Drama Novel Festival

Department of English arranged a festival, named Drama Novel Festival, for the students of English Department. In this festival students participated in different events, made the event colorful.