Corporate Dialogue

Academic and industrial linkage does not only require students’ practical work but it also requires a dialogue at strategic level so that the actual understanding, conflict, thought and requirements of both the players can be brought to the world. Idea is to make the corporate executives and context based research oriented senior faculty to sit together in the form of a dynamic syndicate in order to arrive at a conclusion and solution and provide a direction about a certain matter and issues prevailing in the industry.
Once a comprehensive and fruitful discussion is done and a certain conclusion is agreed upon on one side it is shared with the public and stakeholders in the form of proceedings and concept papers so that it could be benefitted from and implemented to gain the optimum results and on the other side on the basis of same proceedings and concept papers, thematic areas are developed for the students and faculty to work on as a guideline.
It is also one of the great initiatives and one of its only kind by City University which shows its commitment towards the provision of real day solutions of the problems and issues faced by the corporate world.