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About Civil Engineering Department

About Civil Department

City University of Science and Information Technology established the department of Civil Engineering in 2014, to meet the quality human resource needs in the areas of infrastructure development and Civil Engineering of the country. This department is designed and developed along modern lines, tailored to impart and strengthen the students’ knowledge in Civil Engineering and its related specialties.
Because civil engineering is a wide-ranging profession, including several specialized sub-disciplines, its history is linked to knowledge of
• Structures
• Materials science
• Geography
• Geology
• Soils
• Hydrology
• Environment
• Mechanics and other fields.

To provide State-of-the-Art education in Civil Engineering that enables new generation of Civil Engineers to meet the challenges of the future, promote a sense of scholarship, leadership and service to the mankind through creativity and innovations.

1. To provide, students with high-quality education and training required to fully develop their professional qualities and skills as Civil engineers.
2. To develop their personal potential to the greatest extent possible to be able to pursue higher studies and research.
3. To enable them to do research to serve the people and society of KP and Pakistan for their socio-economic development.
4. Develop University Consultancy group in diversified Civil Engineering fields for economically sustainable and socially acceptable CE program.

PEO-1 Successfully practice Civil Engineering at the highest professional level.
PEO-2 Demonstrate necessary background, technical and communication skills to work professionally in one or more relevant areas of Civil Engineering.
PEO-3 Participate in societal activities with recommended social and ethical values.
PEO-4 Demonstrate pursual of continued lifelong learning.




I take the privilege to welcome you all to the Civil Engineering Department of CUSIT. Considering the importance of Civil and Environmental Engineering to the well-being of humans in the world in general and to Pakistan in particular, I feel honored and

Our Programs

Civil Engineering Department offers following Programs

BS-Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering


B-Tech Civil

B-Tech Civil



Research Innovation

Research Innovation (RIF-18) held in City University of Science and Information Technology in which students from different departments participated. In this event,project, named Structural Information Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structure got first position from civil department