Corporate Dialogue

Challenges of IT Industry

Department of Computer Science invited a well know IT specialist Mr. Nouman Khalid Jan on 18 Jun 2019. Mr. Nouman is currently leading Application Management Team at Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), USA. MSCI is a global organization and leading provider of critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community. With over 45 years of expertise in research, data and technology, MSCI powers better investment decisions by enabling clients to understand and analyze key drivers of risk and return and confidently build more effective portfolios. It was deemed advantageous to impart Mr. Nouman's knowledge and foresight with faculty and students of Computer Science Department. Mr. Nouman emphasized that academic institutes should step up to meet the challenge of modern day. During the discussion with faculty members, some of the vibrant areas needing smart initiatives were identified as Financial IT, Applications Management and Data Management. It came under discussion that modern solutions are required to address the modern problems. Mr. Nouman asserted that publicizing research is as important as conducting it. He quoted, "If nobody knows about you, you are nobody to them". Members agreed that role of teaching staff in an academic institute is important to provide the right direction to budding talent. The dialogue also included students in second session. Through deliberations, they were provided a flavor of where the IT industry stands in USA and its challenges and needs.