Department of Arts

Mission Statement

To bring qualitative improvement in teaching and producing graduates who can hold their own in the face of 21st century and its global challenges.



?                     Develop confidence, independence, and ability to reflect.

?                     Express ability to respond and interpret effectively.

?                     Use critical concepts and terminology with understanding.

?                     Analyze individual text and explore comparison between them.

?                     Communicate effectively and appropriately through developed language competence and performance.

To prepare and qualify the learners for:

?         Clear communication and presentation.

?         Detailed understanding and comprehension.

?         Independent opinion and original creative ideas.

?         Responsible research and academic growth.

?         Good impression and polite behavior.


Learning Outcomes

After completion of two years M.A English programme, the graduate will be able to:

?         Understand the core literary concepts and literary and critical terms for use.

?         Read literature as a universal reality by comparing cross-cultural experiences through diverse literary readings.

?         Display their ability to critically real and analyze English literature.

?         Develop a research-based comprehension of the literary sensibility and its multidisciplinary value.


M.A. English