• Short Profile

    Artist Sajid Ali is a well known watercolourist who has won a number of national as well as international awards. He completed his Masters degree in 2004 and has participated in numerous exhibitions internationally as well as nationally. His work has been displayed in solo exhibitions and he has also curated numerous exhibitions. He has participated in and also organised various cultural and Art events in the province as well as at a national and international level. He has been teaching at University of Peshawar's School of Fine Arts and also at other institutions. His workshops are quite popular in Peshawar, and he also regularly teaches a number of students at his own studio. He has experience in teaching the full spectrum of fine arts subjects, including watercolour, oil painting, sculpture, sketching, including theoretical aspects, such as colour theory and creativity motivational tools. A number of his students are working as artists or employed at institutions, in other cities as well.