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City University Architecture Department offers Bachelor’s Degree to correspond efficiently to the situation. The approach can be termed as “socially responsible architecture” with teaching approach of "participatory action research" an open ended and evolutionary.

The School vision is to be influential & a foremost provider of a new planning paradigm in architecture and design that addresses social, cultural, environmental, and technological aspects, recognizing the dialectic relationship between people and the built environment. The institutes vision will be accomplished through a disciplined approach to the following doctrines:
* A place that will respect the diversity of needs, values, behavioural norms & social patterns as they relate to the creation of the built environment.
* A place that will enhance and promote critically analysing building designs and post occupancy evaluation studies.
* A place that culminates visual and verbal communication skills and will act as a platform to collaborative with teams of architects and various interdisciplinary design teams involved in building industry.
* A place that will employ architectural research methods including data collection and analysis to assess and propose improvements in existing built environments.

The school is dedicated to advancing the understanding of Architectural theory & Design, to build socially responsible architects rather, not to compete but, to produce architecture which can be marked at global Level. The school emphasizes on a diverse, mutual learning community of students and focuses the broader spectrum, along with the basics, with sound knowledge of sustainability, critical thinking, architectural photography & videography, landscape, interior Design, and urbanism to widen the knowledge, opinions & perspectives of the future architects and to engrave values that understand global architecture & urbanism yet respect local climates, resources, and cultures. The institute Seek to enhance Individual’s intellectual curiosity & broad inquiry by inter relating the civil engineering department labs to underpin the students in terms of field work, like Geo-tech Soil investigation tests, earthquake resistant building techniques and surveying.




We are having staff of international practice, best for the Architectural Education. Our students will be getting knowledge from well experienced staff. The environment of our department is creative for the students as well as the staff. Critical Analysis for any architects are mandatory in their professional carrier which are specially integrated in each & every assignment as well as the counselling of our students.

Our Programs

Architecture Department offers following Programs

B. Arch

10 Semesters