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About Computer Science Department

Learning Outcomes

The students who earn the Computer Science or Software Engineering degree will be able to:

1) Apply concepts, techniques and skills that is required to develop and build large modern software systems. Effectively utilize various technological skills of Computer Science and Software Engineering with teamwork and collaboration.

2) Demonstrate competence in applying the tools and techniques of Network, Database Systems, Multimedia Technologies and Software Engineering.

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum requirements for admission in both BSCS and BSSE programs will be at least 50% marks in Intermediate (HSSC) examination with Mathematics or equivalent qualification with Mathematics certified by IBCC.

The vision of the Computer Science department is to provide quality education in the field of computer science and to enable the students to meet the challenges of this new technological world, to serve the nation through innovations and to be among the nation's leading research and teaching Computer Science departments.

The mission of the Computer Science Department is to educate the youth with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical & practical concepts of computer science through a rigorous course work and equip them with the technological tools to meet the challenges in their professional career or in pursuit of advanced degrees in computer science.

As per HEC?s ?Revised 2017? curriculum, following changes have been adopted and placed before the Board for approval.




The Department offers majors in Computer Science and Software Engineering both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We have highly qualified faculty who have graduated from prestige international universities. The department, since its inception, has been providing the best available facilities to its students. At present, Computer Science Department has established itself as a preferred choice for education, research and career building. At the department of computer science, students acquire expertise in computer science at breadth and depth. The department equips students with the skills and competencies to become leaders in innovation and application of Computer Science. We make them able to meet the challenges as they pioneer new areas of computer science.

Our Programs

Computer Science offers following Programs


Bachelor of Computer Science/ Information Technology



Bachelors of Software Engineering



Master of Computer Science



Master of Software Engineering


PhD. Computer Science

PhD. Computer Science



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