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  • CURJ JULY-2012

    Management Sciences & Economics

    Linear Programming Model and Sensitivity Analysis of Selected Agrarian Constraints Faced by Farming in KP

    The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on The Company’s Financial Performance: A Study of?Pharmaceuticals Firms of KP

    Co-integration in Pakistan Between Karachi Stock Market and Inflation

    Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability: A Case of Pakistan Textile Industry.

    The Effect of Motivation on The Performance of Field Force In Helicon Pharmaceutical Company

    Influence Of Employee Attitude and Performance Appraisal on Employee Performance


    Need of Guidance and Counselling Services in Private Girls' Secondary Schools in Peshawar City

    The Development of Low Cost Learning Material For The Teaching of Chemistry at Secondary Level.

    Factors Affecting The Students' Performance: A Case Study of University of Malakand, Pakistan

    An Analysis of The Demand For Higher Education in Pakistan With Special Reference to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    computer science, information technology & engineering

    Improve Quality of Services in Manets Through 3-HOP Routing in Cluster Based Routing Protocol (CBRP)

    Comparative Study of, and in the context of the Web 2.0 Attributes and Services

    The Role of Information Technology in Media Industry

    Enterprise Resource Planning- Critical Failure Factors (CFFs) And Its Remedies

    Visualizing the Knowledge Domain: A Review

    Design and Simulation of High Gain, Low Loss X-band Pyramidal Horn Antenna for Broadband Applications

    Model and Design for the Control of Hybrid Domestic Power System

    Simulation & Design of S-band Blade Antenna For Airborne Applications????

    Design and Implementation of Power Generation Utilizing Human as a Source

    Application of Differential Transform Method Stiff Systems????????