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Management Sciences & Economics

Economic Viability of Farm Project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan

Emotions impact and its role in Creating Consumer Motivation A ?Study of State Life Insurance Corporation Peshawar Pakistan.

Best Predictor Determining Bank Lending in Pakistan (The Case of Selected Banks)

The Effect of Agriculture Credit on Livestock And Level of Income (A Case Study of District Swat)

Work Stressors and Behaviors Across Occupations

The Influence of Advertising on Brand Preference

Relationship Between Area Under Cultivation and Wheat Production in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis

Job Satisfaction of Sub-Contractual (Third Party) Employees: Pakistan's Perspective

Performance Evaluation of SME's Growth and Collective Efficiency in Pakistan

Staffing Practices : A Case Study of Industrial Estates, Hayatabad, Peshawar


The Role of Stylistics in Interpreting Literature

Exploring an Effective System of Assessment at Postgraduate Level: A Case Study of Universities of District Peshawar

A Comparative Study of the Literate and Illiterate Fathers' Attitude Towards Female Education in Rural Areas of District Peshawar

computer science, information technology & engineering

Robust and Flexible Software Inspection Process for Software Re-Engineering: “Abstraction Phase”(Towards Implementation)

Distributed Integrity Measurement Using XACML

Real Time Intrusions Detection System by Resilient Back Propagation (RBP)

Efficient Selection of Multi Criteria Formal Systems Through Analytical Hierarchy Process

TCP and UDP Based Comparison of MANET Routing Protocols Using OPNET